Gender Specific Solutions

Outpost Gray utilizes female-centric teams, augmented by males, to access persons, places, and systems with nuances and ingenuity.

We employ highly-trained and extremely capable female talent, in the areas of:

  • Access & Placement (A&P) Solutions
  • Preparation and Environment (PE) / Collection & Surveillance
  • Vulnerability Assessments & Red Teams
  • Training & Red Cells/ OP4
  • Executive Protection & Counter- Surveillance (CS)

Electronic & Cyber Warfare

We offer a wide-spectrum of cutting edge techniques, software, and specialist that will prevent and mitigate Electronic Warfare and Cyber Warfare attacks.

Some of our focused areas include:

  • Electronic Attack (EA), Support (ES), Protection (EP)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Hardening
  • Layered Defense Approach


With our capability of short fuse training we are able to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.  We tailor each course or red cell service in collaboration with the clients specific needs.

We offer a variety of training, the most sought after training which are requested of our teams come from Special Operations Command, support components and other government agencies:

  • Physical Surveillance & Covert Photography
  • Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance
  • Urban Operations Course (UOC)
  • Overseas Security Awareness Training (OSAT)
  • High Risk Meeting Training (HRMT)
  • Red Cell / OP4 Teams

UAV / UAS & Manned

Our team utilizes highly trained and experienced military personnel that are FAA licensed Pilots.  Our focus is manned and unmanned operations.

Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Airborne Surveillance
  • Aerial Inspection
  • Atmospheric Support
  • HD Video/ Live Feed
  • Wildfire Services
  • EO/IR/Thermal
  • DoD Exercise/ Training



We tailor our scope and deliverables per each client’s requirements.  We are not a one size fits all firm.  We do not “plug in” under-qualified bodies to fulfill a contract.  Outpost Gray employs highly-trained and extremely capable elite level female and male talent in all areas of our company.


Outpost Gray stands apart through our unique approach of utilizing female operators who have experience in the Special Operations community, private sector and elite level law enforcement.  Each of our teams operate with their own unique subject matter experts and skill sets.  Women operators tend to have a naturally higher level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) allowing them to negotiate into inaccessible areas much quicker.   This allows our teams greater mission success with freedom of movement.

Some of the areas we are most successful:

  • Engagement of Women and Children
  • Working with Victims of Sex and Human Trafficking
  • Abused / Battered Women
  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
  • Access and Placement (A&P)
  • Negotiations


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