We provide our clients a tailored approach to assessing, auditing, and reviewing the organization’s current cybersecurity posture. We are not a one size fits all firm.  We employ tenured cybersecurity professionals to assist you with your CMMC, cloud migration, Intelligence solutions, with our expert and on-demand cybersecurity support. 


CMMC Coaching

  • CMMC-RP Certified
  • Coach clients on their initial and ongoing CMMC compliance
  • Partnered with trusted CMMC-RPO organizations

Cybersecurity Training

  • Learn deception techniques and deploy them for little to no cost
  • Leverage beaconing detection as offensive techniques
  • Operationalize your intel into actionable intel

Supply Chain Protection

  • Pre-Approved CMMC Vendors
  • Provide clients with trusted vendors in areas such as compliance, cybersecurity insurance, and EDR
  • Cloud security vendors with a unified security platform


We will provide our clients with executive resources, immediate security assessment using our propriety processes coupled with actionable steps to place your organization in an offensive posture. We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure they fully understand the current and emerging threatscape to help their team become more resilient to security trends and threats.

Next Steps…

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