CMMC Coaching

CMMC- Registered Practitioner Certified to consult our clients with their CMMC compliancy and we are partnered with a certified CMMC-RPO™

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Cybersecurity Training

We will teach you how to leverage deception, beaconing detection and how to operationalize your intelligence

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Supply Chain Protection

Our vendors are vetted and approved. We work with pre-approved vendors within CMMC, compliance, cyber insurance, and cloud providers.

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Cybersecurity is the never-ending cat and mouse game, but doesn’t it seem like the mouse could be getting further away? The supply chain has become the primary vector being utilized by threat groups to attack our organization. How do you know if your 3rd party is secure? Are you wondering how your organization can become more proactive and resilient in defeating the adversary before the breach occurs?

At Outpost Gray, we do not believe in selling you the “next best” high-dollar EDR tooling or Intel platform. Our team is mission and client-focused. Each organization is unique with its Information Security and we believe our approach should be just as unique. We do not sell tooling instead we offer assistance, consulting, coaching, and support through vetted and trusted 3rd party vendors. We work with clients to review their current protocols and mitigation techniques. We then help them find cost-effective ways to increase their cybersecurity posture without needing to take out another loan.


  • CMMC Coaching
  • Advisory
  • Training
  • Vetted 3rd Party Vendors

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